Our team is the life-blood of TerraStar Inc. The health and safety of each team member is paramount, and we use every resource at our disposal to ensure each individual’s safe return home.

Each of our employees is trained in job site safety, task procedures, and working with properly maintained and certified equipment. We believe that this, along with mandating a Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy, has allowed us to achieve our goal of ZERO incidents and spills.

TerraStar Inc.’s continued focus on promoting safety throughout our company has enabled us to achieve a 100% reportable accident free record last year.

How We Reinforce Safety

  • Analyzing and documenting any potential hazards
  • Monthly mandatory safety meetings
  • Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) checklists
  • Detailed near miss reports
  • Vigorous safety program curriculum
  • Empowering our employees


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